At IP Market, sourcing our food from local farms, fishmongers, dairies and food artisans is not only a priority, but a great pleasure. After all, we are lucky enough to be located in a rich and diverse agricultural nexus. With our varied geography and numerous micro climates, just about everything we need is grown a stone’s throw from our store.

Our pleasure comes from serving our customers beautiful, wholesome food. But also, in knowing where that food comes from, building great relationships with local food producers and supporting people who devote themselves to providing outstanding food in a responsible way.

We believe you will taste the difference. Our food is delicious, clean, vibrant and fresh. We are grateful for all the hard work and care that our local farmers, fishermen, bakers, cheese makers, vintners and brewers put into their craft.

“IP Market is our local source for healthy, delicious foods and value-added products that are ethically and sustainably farmed. We’re proud to be one of their suppliers because they understand the unique ecological benefits of our products and they provide wholesome choices to their community.”

Gordon Hull
President, Heidrun Meadery

“First as a customer for many years and then also as a farmer selling to IP Market, it is obvious that IP Market has focused more and more on being a home for locally produced foods.”

Arron Wilder
Owner, Table Top Farm