Supporting Our Local Foodshed

At IP Market, sourcing our food from local farms, fishmongers, dairies and food artisans is not only a priority, but a great pleasure. We are fortunate to be located in a rich and diverse agricultural nexus. With our varied geography and numerous micro climates, many of the ingredients we use are grown locally.

We take pride in serving our customers beautiful, wholesome food. But also, in knowing where that food comes from, building great relationships with local food producers and supporting people who devote themselves to providing outstanding food in a responsible way.

We believe you will taste the difference. Our food is delicious, clean, vibrant and fresh. We are grateful for all of the hard work and care that our local farmers, fishermen, bakers, cheese makers, vintners and brewers put into their craft.

“IP Market is our local source for healthy, delicious foods and value-added products that are ethically and sustainably farmed. We’re proud to be one of their suppliers because they understand the unique ecological benefits of our products and they provide wholesome choices to their community.”

Gordon Hull
President, Heidrun Meadery

“First as a customer for many years and then also as a farmer selling to IP Market, it is obvious that IP Market has focused more and more on being a home for locally produced foods.”

Arron Wilder
Owner, Table Top Farm

Commitment To Community & Environment

We are located in the heart of the Point Reyes National Seashore, so we only need step outside our store to see the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds us—a constant reminder of why it’s so vital we make every effort to care for our environment and use resources wisely.


One of the challenges of doing business in a rural area is we don’t have sewer systems most towns and cities have. We therefore must limit our use of a very precious resource—water.

We meet this challenge with the use of 100% compostable tableware in our Tap Room, which eliminates the need to use water for dish washing. We encourage our regular customers to bring their own beer mugs, coffee cups, plates and even takeaway containers.

Where’s the loo? While we recognize that no one loves porta-potties, avoiding flush toilets allows us to significantly reduce water usage.


Our roof is fitted with solar panels, which helps us reduce our reliance on grid electricity. We also use solar tube lighting, which catches the warm, natural light of the sun at the roof and directs it down through the ceiling—like a skylight, only brighter.

It’s been a great journey…and it’s not over yet

Once upon a time, we were a very ordinary deli and convenience store…doing business the conventional way. What does that mean? It means our small kitchen was used to assemble and heat up processed, pre-made factory food. Macaroni salad was purchased in large plastic tubs, veggies were shipped in from who knows where, soups came from cans.

You might be surprised, but this is business as usual in many restaurants.

The owner of IP Market, Dan Thompson, had an epiphany one morning while driving through the woods to open the deli. He was listening to an NPR story about food deserts—areas where people don’t have access to nutritious, whole food. Often, the only food available in such areas is convenience food or fast food.

He opened the deli that morning as usual, but he was looking at his business with new eyes. He realized that he wasn’t serving real food.

I knew then and there that things had to change. I had been growing and evolving on a personal level through activities like yoga and self-reflection—I realized that my business needed to reflect my changing values.


Dan Thompson, owner

Dan built a whole new kitchen, hired experienced chefs with professional culinary training and recreated his business from the ground up. Today at IP Market & Tap Room, organic, homemade, farm-fresh and locally sourced is business as usual. And tomorrow? We continue to learn, become inspired and evolve. We are honored by your patronage, and proud to offer nourishing, real food to our community and those who come to visit.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who makes this possible!