Baking With Love

“At Inverness Park Market in Point Reyes, the baked goods case is no afterthought. Shannon Staple of the now-closed Fat Angel Bakery in Fairfax brings her skill for spinning up flaky scones and tasty cookies to West Marin. And this out-of-the-way spot arguably has the best cupcakes — moist chocolate with creamy vanilla frosting — in Marin.”

-Marin Independent Journal

Here’s why you’ll love the IP Market Bakery

Quality Ingredients

We use fresh butter and organic ingredients, like organic flour, sugar, local pasture raised organic eggs, chocolate, seasonal fruit—and for our savory offerings, organic local vegetables.

Just as important as the high quality ingredients we put into our food is what we leave out. If you read the label of prepared foods such as pot pies, cakes or banana breads on store shelves, you’ll find ingredients that you’d never find in a real recipe. Preservatives, fillers, texturizers, coloring agents, cheap oils and fake flavorings are often used to cut corners. Who keeps mono-glycerides or sodium benzoate in their baking pantry? No one, yet these are the kinds of ingredients you’ll find on ingredient labels, which increasingly look like chemical formulas rather than food recipes.

We believe in real, honest food, and that’s what comes out of our ovens.


Our kitchen is busy in the early hours of the morning turning out fresh scones, bear claws, fruit turnovers and muffins for you to enjoy with your coffee—as well as fresh home made English muffins for your breakfast sandwiches. Our focaccia, burger buns, quiches and empandadas are made fresh, from scratch.


Our resident baker, Shannon Stapel, is a master baker and pastry chef. She has decades of experience turning humble ingredients like flour, butter and sugar into European style baked goods such as delicate, flaky pastries, tender scones, perfectly golden macaroons, fruit tarts and cupcakes.


We’ve all had someone in our lives who loved to bake. Maybe it was your mom, or an uncle or a good friend. It was always an incredible treat to receive something that came from their oven, because you could taste how much they loved to bake in everything they made.

Our baked goods are made by a master baker who takes pride in her craft and simply loves to bake. That love, that care and that pride is right there in everything that comes out of our ovens. You can’t miss it!

What’s baking at IP Market?

We bake sweets, savories and breads from scratch. Also fresh and homemade out of our ovens: house made granola and trail mix.

In our bakery case you’ll find a selection of freshly baked scones, fruit turnovers, muffins, banana bread, bear claws, cookies and golden macaroons.

Depending on our baker’s inspiration and the availability of certain produce, you might also find fruit pies, custard tarts, cupcakes and brownies. During the holidays we offer seasonal pies.

Ask about pre-ordering birthday or special occasion cakes.

Shannon rolls out tender, flaky dough for our homemade savory pot pies, quiches and empanadas.

Our fresh baked breads are used to make sandwiches at our IP Market Delicatessen and for our Tap Room menu.

English muffins
Fresh focaccia
Flat bread
Burger buns